Creating experiences through an active holiday that can be life changing

Fitness Break Boot Camp

Have a fitness break from it all, come and stay in the most beautiful part of Spain for a boot camp that can change your life.

Costa del Sol

There are many wonderful beaches we will be working out, cycling to or relaxing on.

With over 60 kilometers of beautiful sandy beaches, from the crystal clear waters on Marbella beach to the popular beaches with chiringuitos (beach bars) in Torremolinos there is something for everyone.

The mountains offer some breathtaking views over the Costa del Sol and the colours provided by the environment are amazing.

The Costa del Sol has many mountains within easy driving distance, some of the best and challenging ones are in Marbella area, but there is also Sierra de Mijas which is located just above Fuengirola offering great trails for running and cycling.

The amazing rivers and waterfalls in the area provide something for any age at any fitness level.

There are simple river walks that bring you to small but incredible waterfalls, then there are rivers that are more challenging and require some scrambling plus swimming.

The Costa del Sol is absolutely amazing, one minute you can be laying in the sun on the beach and within two hours you can be in the snow!.

The Costa Del Sol has easy access to the Sierra Nevada and the Sierra Las Nieves which features real snow around certain time of the year.

There are many hidden away canyons that offer adventure on many levels, walking, swimming, climbing and relaxing.

Especially on hots days these canyons provide a great environment to spend time in..

With so many activities and great trainers there are so many opportunities to experience adventure and challenge yourself.

We're here to fulfil your needs for adventure and provide a challenge, whether that challenge is conquering a mountain, CrossFit WOD, boot camp or customised Cavemantraining challenge, we're here to provide..

Some benefits

  • Get fit
  • Become flexible
  • Fix chronic back-pain
  • Feel confident
  • Look happier

Hiking, Trail Running and Walking

The Costa Del Sol has some of the most beautiful scenery available, you can explore the surrounding mountains with the trainers at a level suitable to you, whether that is walking a not so steep track, hiking up the mountain or trail running, your choice, your level.

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Low impact training
Great for 50+ or those coming for rehabilitation.
Strength training
For those looking to put on some size and become stronger.
Great for anyone at any age, flexibility makes moving easier and reduces risk of injury.
Tabata interval training
Awesome short workouts that are intense and get your cardiovascular endurance up in no time.
Circuit training
Always different and always challenging, circuits are great any time of the day.
Boxing for fitness
Release some of your stress on the pads, great intense cardio workout for male and female.
Bodyweight training
Learn how to use your body as resistance and turn it into a machine.
TRX suspension training
Learn how to train with your bodyweight as resistance with suspension straps that allow you to work every muscle in your body.
WOD high intensity functional fitness
Participate in awesome competitive WODs run by a qualified CrossFit Lvl 1 Trainer.
Boot camp
An awesome boot camp with a mix of resistance training, cardio, flexibility and more.
Kettlebell training
This is what we excel at, you might have trained in kettlebells, but you've not trained with us yet, we can show you the finer details of kettlebell training.
Core strength
Focus is on your core, everything that holds you upright, everything that allows you to function, strengthening the most important muscles of your body.

Experiences and health

On and off road cycling
Cycle on road, cycle over the mountain, over trails, chose an easy route or chose a challenging route.
Adventure and challenges
Participate in group challenges out in nature, like carrying sandbags, crawling under trees, climbing obstacles or in more controlled environments.
Hiking and running
Hike up mountains, through canyons, through rivers or run over mountain trails.
Canyon hiking
If you've not done canyon hiking before, I guarantee you will love it, scale rocks, walk through streams, rope down, climb up, swim and more.
River walks
Great for hot days, walking through a river ankle, knee or waist deep, see fish and relax at a waterfall.
Quad biking
Explore the amazing rugged terrain of Alora via quadbike, get a little dip or swim in at the turquoise lakes and an awesome lunch at a hidden away restaurant.
Combine everything you love that's listed here with a day or two of camping, or just relax in nature.
Primitive survival skills
Learn primitive survival skills like making fire with friction, making shelter, chop wood or boiling water in a cactus.
Relaxing experiences like sitting at a waterfall, on the beach, on the top of a mountain with million dollar views, or enjoying a massage or other body pampering experience.
Learn how to eat healthy, how to make small changes to a better lifestyle, detox or cleanse.

Top notch before and after support

Unlike the majority of other fitness holiday providers, we can provide you with online educational material before you arrive and most importantly, we can provide you with ongoing online support after you leave, whether that is online education, motivation, tips, progression or programs, we can truly support you every step of the way.

Not sure what you need but like what you see?

If you have any questions about the activities, whether they're suitable for you, how to make a booking, the area etc. please don't hesitate to make contact with us, we're more than happy to answer your questions and no strings attached. You can email us on alternatively send a message via facebook or call, we usually reply within 24h Taco Fleur +34 663 468 840 / Anna Junghans +34 663 468 860

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