our name is Taco Fleur and Anna Junghans, we’re two highly qualified fitness professionals operating Fitness Break Boot Camp in Spain, and when I say ‘fitness professional’ I mean coaches with actual qualifications and years of experience.

Our qualifications are listed further below, as for experience, we’ve created several fitness businesses and three gyms over two continents, we trained all types of people across the world.

We’re here to share our experience with you and help you reach your goals, whether they are to lose weight, get fit, get strong, become flexible or to learn a new skill, we can help anyone from beginner to intermediate in the following areas:

  • step by step slow sustainable weight loss through lifestyle changes and exercise
  • fast drastic weight loss
  • putting on muscle
  • becoming strong to be able to lift almost anything and everything without injury
  • flexibility to avoid injury and reduce or completely eradicate pains
  • becoming more toned without putting on size
  • nutritional information on how to eat better, eat for performance or weight loss
  • become faster and more agile
  • sport specific training
  • training to meet army, police or other fitness requirements
  • learn how to crossfit better and safer


Our shared qualifications are:

  • crossfit level 1 trainer
  • punchfit trainer
  • level 1 kettlebell trainer
  • level 2 kettlebell trainer
  • kettlebell instructor
  • kettlebell science and application
  • personal trainer cert IV
  • group fitness cert III
  • level 2 exercise professional
  • group exercise instructor
  • trx instructor
  • boxing level 1 instructor
  • boxing advanced accredited instructor
  • mma conditioning level 1
  • mma fitness level 1
  • mma fitness level 2
  • plyometrics trainer
  • les mills international bodypump
  • les mills international bodycombat
  • gloria marshall weight loss consultant
  • fitness leaders
  • first aid & cpr
  • senior first aid
  • sports nutrition


Helping people achieve their goals through our knowledge is what we love the most, we’re very passionate and professional people. Together we’ve travelled the world and trained people from our gyms in Australia and Vietnam, we worked for 5 star resorts and hotels, trained people from their homes, trained people outdoors on mountains and the beach.

Taco Fleur has a successful Youtube channel that is viewed all over the world with nearly 15,000 subscribers and over 3.5 million views. He has created ebooks which are available on Amazon and most recently published an online and accredited kettlebell course for people across the world to learn the fundamentals of kettlebell training.

Anna Junghans has competed in bodybuilding comps, completed adventure races, trained over a thousand people throughout her lifetime.


Training with either of us means you’re in seriously good hands.

Contact us today for

  • boxing for fitness
  • kettlebell training
  • bodyweight training
  • crossfit wods
  • boot camp
  • interval training
  • circuit training
  • high intensity training
  • suspension training
  • stretching and flexibility
  • strength training
  • personal training


For all ages.