The name “Boot Camp” is usually associated with a military style training camp run by drill sergeants who dish out harsh discipline combined with some curse words, we’re not like that, allow me to explain. We can provide the hardest boot camp you’ve ever experienced, no doubt about it, we will excel at it too, but… we’ll never curse and belittle anyone, we do not believe in this method, we do believe in being tough, direct and as disciplined as you need or want it.

boot camp

Any of our activities can be changed to a boot camp style activity, for example, should you chose to do the already super tough La Concha Mountain hike in Marbella with us, but want it tougher because you simply don’t like to do things the way other people do them and 100,000’s of people already hiked La Concha, what’s the fun in that right? You want something extra to challenge you, you want to Hike La Concha Boot Camp Style, because when you meet someone and talk about hiking La Concha and they say “Yeah I did that“, you’ll go “No, you did not, not the way I did it!“.

Because you hiked La Concha with several drill sergeants and did push-ups, sprints, squats, fireman carries and much more.


Ok, you get the point, La Concha is just an example, we can turn any activity into a Boot Camp, even the quad bike ride, quad bikes are awesome as they’ll be able to carry the kettlebells or other workout equipment for you, imagine touring the rugged terrain of El Chorro, stop at the lake, be ordered to pull your kettlebells out of the quad bike, perform an x number of different exercises, crawl through the mud, swim in the river to get clean and ride further… You don’t need to imagine, hire Fitness Break Boot Camp and your dream will become reality.


Your level and style

Nothing is too crazy, carrying sandbags, tug-o-war, farmer walks with kettlebells, crawling, jumping, running etc. but you’re the client, you decide the level you want to take it to, we will discuss this with you in detail prior to the session. Remember, your choice of boot camp level. What does this mean? Take our toughest boot camp, this is where we agreed prior to commencement of the session that:

  • all participants stand in line
  • hands behind their back
  • standing straight
  • no hands in pockets
  • no chatting
  • no talking back
  • do as you’re told
  • loads of penalties

You might like everything about the above, but perhaps you’re just not into standing in line, or receiving penalties, this is your session, you tell us prior to the session and design the boot camp to suit your style.



The two head trainers are Taco and Anna, Taco Fleur has served in the Royal Dutch Air Force and Anna Junghans, well, Anna Junghans has a German background so things come natural to her… (please don’t tell her I said so, because I hate burpees). Anna and Taco have been running boot camps for over a decade, they ran some of the toughest boot camps around before everyone started doing boot camps.