Through our qualified and certified trainers we provide the following workshops on the Costa del Sol. Each workshop ranges from 4 to 6 hours and can be a one or two day event. Each workshop will be designed in such a way that it provides the most benefit to the people attending.


Kettlebell training workshop

Here are a few things we can cover in the a kettlebell training workshop, but not limited to:

  • fundamentals, grips, lifting, squatting, hip hinging
  • two arm swing, single arm swing, different styles of swing
  • turkish get-up
  • windmill
  • snatch
  • clean
  • jerk
  • racking
  • long cycle
  • 100’s of different kettlebell exercises

Workshops are suitable for anyone, including trainers who want to get knowledgeable with kettlebell training.


TRX suspension training workshop

Learn how to use a trx or other suspension strap with your own bodyweight as resistance.

  • variations of squats
  • exercises to work the back
  • exercises to work the core
  • cardio exercises
  • full body exercises
  • and much more


Functional training workshop


Learn how to perform functional exercises, learn how to use your body instead of a machine and turn it into a machine.

  • dead lift various equipment, kettlebells, olympic bars, sandbags etc.
  • clean various equipment (lifting and racking equipment for an exercise or transition to another exercise)
  • pressing various equipment
  • different types of bodyweight exercises
    • push-up variations
    • burpee variations
    • bodyweight complex
  • and much much more …


All workshops are suitable for all levels of fitness and any age. Workshops are adapted to level of experience.


Cost of each workshop/day is €60 per person, minimum of 4 people per workshop and maximum of 16. Venue hire is usually charged separately, contact us for details.